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The experienced staff at Lilly Law Firm, PA has been around the family law block enough times to know that child custody and child support issues are likely to explode unannounced at the most inconvenient times. That’s why we are available to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If your former spouse decides that Sunday drop-off is the time to confront you about more child support or to not bring your child back at the appointed time, don’t take matters into your own hands. With Lilly Law Firm, PA on your side, we advise you on the best course of action and assist you in working through the proper channels to resolve these unexpected complications seamlessly.

Child custody

When parents divorce, children are most affected by the upheaval. When dealing with a divorce that involves children, Lilly Law Firm, PA’s divorce lawyer encourages both parties to remember the potential for emotional damage to the children. We remind all parties to consider what is best for the children above all else.

Joint custody

Either by parental request or by order of the judge, divorcing parents can be awarded joint custody of minor children. Joint custody allows both parents to be involved in raising the children and works best when the parents can work together to make decisions regarding the children’s lives.

If agreeing to joint custody, you should ask for certain stipulations, including the provision that both parties continue living in the same state. Without this stipulation, the primary custodial parent is allowed to take the children when moving out of state. The knowledgeable Jonesboro family law attorney can help you avoid this and other potential complications.

Contested custody

Contested custody is when divorcing parents cannot agree to a custody arrangement and both desire to be the custodial parent. Before making a decision, a court considers various aspects of the parents’ personal lives and their relationships with the children:

  • Best interest of the child or children — This is the most important factor
  • Caring — Which parent shows the ability and desire to provide love and affection to the children
  • Domestic abuse — Whether any domestic abuse has occurred against a family member
  • Character — Whether parents are honest, have a good reputation and stable work history, have a history of alcohol abuse or drug use or a have a criminal record
  • Environment — Whether home visits are necessary to evaluate the living conditions of each parent
  • Child’s preference — Depending on the age of the child, whether the child’s wishes should be taken into consideration, though a child does not have final say until adulthood
  • Keeping children together — Whether separating the children is in their best interests or if they should be kept together as the law recognizes

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