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A conviction for assault or battery can bring negative lifelong consequences. An assault or battery conviction can cost your job, freedom and reputation. The staff at Lilly Law Firm, PA fights for your acquittal using a no-holds-barred approach. We work tirelessly in your defense, knowing your future is on the line.

Assault and battery are crimes against the person, while other charges such as theft and receiving stolen property are known as property crimes. Crimes against the person generally carry stiffer penalties than property crimes, so assault and battery charges must not be taken lightly. Your Jonesboro assault and battery, homicide and theft attorney at Lilly Law Firm, PA delivers comprehensive representation against these types of crimes and more.


Although the two terms are generally used together, in reality they carry different meanings and represent different criminal charges. An assault is an intentional act that causes an apprehension or fear of imminent harmful, offensive or unwanted contact by the defendant. The defendant must intend to assault the victim at the time of the offense. Even if the defendant and the victim have no physical contact, the defendant may be charged with assault if the victim feared imminent harm.

Arkansas law sets out several assault charges:

  • Aggravated assault
  • Assault in the first degree
  • Assault in the second degree
  • Assault in the third degree
  • Coercion
  • Abuse of athletic contest officials
  • Introduction of controlled substance into the body of another person
  • Aggravated assault upon a certified law enforcement officer or an employee of a correctional facility

Charges for these crimes range from class D misdemeanor to the most serious class Y felony. Our Jonesboro criminal defense attorney at Lilly Law Firm, PA can counsel you on the potential penalties involved with your specific charges and works diligently to earn your acquittal.


Battery is intentional physical contact with a person without his or her consent. The contact must cause bodily harm or be considered offensive to a reasonable person. Unwelcomed touching may be considered battery even if the victim suffered no noticeable physical harm. Arkansas recognizes three levels of battery offenses:

  • Battery in the first degree — A class Y felony
  • Battery in the second degree — A class D felony
  • Battery in the third degree — A class A misdemeanor
  • Domestic battery III – A class A misdemeanor

A battery conviction carries serious consequences. A domestic battery charge is different than simple battery. Lilly Law Firm, PA can explain how a conviction for domestic battery can have far-reaching consequences in your future. The Lilly Law Firm, PA leaves no stone unturned in defending you against criminal charges.

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